Membership in the Telehealth Alliance of Oklahoma, Inc. is open to organizations and individuals with an interest in telehealth and improving access to healthcare in Oklahoma. 

Membership Benefits and Fees

Telehealth Information Resource Center

TAO provides timely updates on state and federal telehealth regulations, reimbursement, and other issues. Technical assistance is available for those needing additional information.

Legislative Activity

TAO monitors state and federal legislative activity and keeps members up to date. TAO and its members support legislation that benefit telehealth and resulting improved access to healthcare in Oklahoma.

Continuing Education

The annual conference provides Oklahoma providers and administrators with up-to-date clinical, legal, and professional continuing education. Other educational opportunities such as workshops, forums, and educational presentations at monthly meetings offer information on telehealth related research, operations, and market trends.


TAO offers the opportunity to network with other professionals interested in telehealth via meetings, emails, and conferences. This encourages collaboration as a group and between members.

TAO Membership Options

Business Partners

Tier 1: $1,500 – Independent businesses, consulting firms, service providers. Membership renewed yearly. (Up to 2 assigned TAO members)

Tier 2: $2,500 – Business with whom TAO maintains a contractual relationship to share the benefit, investment, and return of its membership program. Vendors supply discounted rates for TAO members. Relationship does not expire. (Up to 3 assigned TAO members.)

Tier 1 Tier 2
Discount on mailing list rental 10% 25%
Discount on Display space at TAO sponsored conferences. (Does not include conferences where TAO sponsors a telehealth track.) 15% 30%
Reduced rate to attend training events 15% 30%
Receive HTRC newsletters
Listed in Annual Report
Online Business Directory 100 word description 500 word description, Company logo
Opportunity to write informational articles for TAO website and provide instruction in TAO classes.

Network Member

$2,500 for a network membership plus available discount of 50% for additional sites part of the network Level 3C and above. Levels 1-2C in the network can join for $250. (Up to 8 assigned members per network membership. Unlimited number of additional sites which will have assigned members as under individual facility membership).

Example: Network Blue has a large main hospital, 4 small hospitals, 2 Level3C clinics and 1 Level1C clinic. Network Blue pays $2,500 for the network / 1 large hospital. The small hospitals can join for $375, the Level 3C clinics at the $250 level, and the Level 1C clinic at the $250 level. Each site that pays for a membership will also have 1 ATA membership.

Individual Facility Membership

Level I– Large Hospitals (250 plus licensed beds) – $2,000 (Up to 8 assigned TAO members per hospital)

Level II – Mid-Sized and Specialty Hospitals (100 to 250 licensed beds) – $1,500 (Up to 6 assigned TAO members per hospital)

Level III – Educational Institutions – $1,500  (Up to 5 assigned TAO members per hospital)

Level IV – Small Hospitals (Under 100 beds) – $1,000 (Up to 4 assigned TAO members per hospital)

Level V– Clinics, Home Health Agencies, Long-Term Facilities, Community Mental Health Facilities, other Healthcare Providers not otherwise shown – $750 (Up to 3 assigned TAO members per facility) 

Level VI – Tribal, government, state agencies, association, other non-providers – (choose one option by number of assigned members)

  • One member – $250
  • Two members – $500
  • Three or more members – $750

Individual Membership

Individual Membership – $250

Student Membership – $50

Please make all checks payable to Telehealth Alliance of Oklahoma

Mailing address: 4 N.E. 10th St, PMB 413, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

For additional membership information please email

Business Members